Current Contests at Win! Win! Win!


Here is a list of our running contests.

Canadians can enter every contest.  Some contests are available to WW.

You may enter them all daily except for Share the Pie Facebook Contest, it is twice a week.

Love for Followers Contest, 18+ – $15 CDN Pay Pal – WW – Ends at 250 followers

Faithful Followers Instagram Contest, 18+ Canada, excluding Quebec 04/21

Rain Rain Go Away Giveaway Hop – $15 CDN Paypal – WW – Ends 04/24

Moms Make Everything Better, Mother’s Day Contest – $50 – 18+ – Canada, excluding Quebec – Ends 05/13

Share the Pie Facebook Contest – 19+ – Canada, excluding Quebec – Ends 04/18

We’re One Month Old Contest – $10 CDN Pay Pal – WW – Ends 04/25

Springing into Spring – $20 CDN Pay Pal Contest – WW – Ends 06/21

April Showers Brings the Colours Contest! Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lip HD Twilight Colour Stick – $10 – 15+ – Canada, Excluding Quebec – 04/30

Nice To Meet You! $25 CDN Pay Pal – WW Ends 05/31

I Love Canada, Happy Canada Day! Contest – $50 CDN Pay Pal – Ends 07/01

Battle Hammer Thor action figure – Canada, excluding Quebec – Ends 09/30

Xtreme Thermoburn Diet Capsules – 21+ Canada, excluding Quebec – 08/22

If you would like daily reminders to enter any or all of our contests click here.

You may also want to check out these other Pages by us.

Canadian Twitter Parties

You can cancel at anytime just follow the instructions in the email.

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