Oh! The Places You’ll Go! Back To School Giveaway Hop PayPal Gift Card Giveaway – 18+, WW – Ends 09/18


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Some of you will wonder what the hell, but I apologize. I need to rebuild. All my ‘business’ money is gone so prizes will be small once again until I come to understand this wonderful world of blogging. I do hope you’ll stay around. It’s been quite the adventure so far.

I’m technically not part of the back to school crowd anymore. My last daughter is in college, but she moved out years ago. I just pick her up and take her to supper once a week. I remember the routine well though.

Around here, back to school isn’t until the day after Labour Day for most school boards. The French Board starts about two weeks earlier. I am aware that other countries start sooner. No matter when school starts, we all go through the same mornings.

Know any tips/hacks that make school time routines run smoother? Please share them in the comment section.

Here are a few tips I’ve gathered over the years.


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  1. Get your house organized after a busy summer. Especially before back to school shopping.
  2. Get back into routine with sleep the week before. It really is harder than it sounds.
  3. Walk the route to school a few times/Go to bus stop. Ensure you point out any dangers.
  4. Delegate. Even kindergartners should be involved in the morning routine.
  5. A monthly calendar makes everyone’s life easier. There’s no doubts and second guessing when everything is easily accessible. I still prefer paper, but there are many, many apps to help.
  6. Cook meals in advance on the weekends. In August I would always stock my big freezer with easy dinners so the first couple months ran smoothly while we tried to adjust to busy new routines. Every time I would make a supper I would make three and freeze two.
  7. Do all you can in the evenings. Make the mornings as easy as possible.
  8. All devices are out of the bedroom. It’s just best overall.
  9. Find time to laugh daily. No over scheduling.
  10. Plan 20 minutes each day for yourself.
  11. Use a special clock for homework time. It’s not you they complained to.

Hopefully you found some useful tips and have a stress free back to school start.

Now let’s get to winning! Please take the time to visit each hop stop. Each blogger has their own awesome prize. The linky is located at the end of this post.

How to Enter


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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Contest Rules


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Prize: $5 CDN Paypal Gift Card Rules: 18+, WW – Ends September 17th, 2018 11:59 pm. You can enter daily. If the prize is unclaimed after 48 hours of being contacted a new name will be drawn. The winner will have to correctly fill in our Winner’s Confirmation Form which includes a skill testing question to win. We can not be responsible for lost mail. Lists can be cancelled at any time but bare in mind you need to be following anything you claim to be following to win. ​Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter are not participating in this contest. There could be up to a 30 day turnaround on the prize. No PO Boxes.

BTW comment below sharing your tips for smooth back to school mornings or tell us what fun things you did this summer. You will earn 5 entries in the giveaway for doing so.


Good luck to you!

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39 thoughts on “Oh! The Places You’ll Go! Back To School Giveaway Hop PayPal Gift Card Giveaway – 18+, WW – Ends 09/18

  1. We went to Mackinac Island in Michigan where the movie Somewhere In Time was filmed in the early 1980’s. haven’t been there in years. Still a beautiful place.


  2. my back to school tips would be start a routine within a week or so before school !!! this summer we did a few day trips to beaches and parks. We are actually taking our vacation tomorrow to lancaster PA until monday going to dutch wonderland and some kid friendly places near !


  3. My kids are grown, so no back to school tips. We did nothing this summer, as my husband and I are both awaiting surgery, and are unable to travel long distances until we do!


  4. I went to Idaho for a wedding then went to Florida with my son and his family and then went back to Washington DC for our new granddaughters baptism.


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