Winners’ Confirmation Form


Hello and congratulations!

You are receiving this form because you are the winner of one of Win! Win! Win!’s contests.

Before we can release the prize you need to fill in the Winners’ Confirmation. All information is needed on record to prove legitimacy of this site.

The form needs to be received within 48 hours of initial contact, as per the contest’s rules.

Thanks for participating. It is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions email us. We will help the best we can.

For some reason some aren’t seeing my Confirmation Form on this page. Sorry if that includes you. I’m very new to all this. If you see the form use it please.

If you don’t see the form, all you need to do is correctly and fully answer each of the questions down to and including paypal address.

Name of contest won?

Name of prize won?

Complete mailing address including full name

Answer skill testing question: (4*5)+(8/2)-2*6=

Would you like notification of new contests at Win! Win! Win!? Yes or no.

Date of birth



Email address

Paypal address


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